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Beauty and the Beast – Review

I wasn’t 100% on board with this film when I first heard the news that it was being made. I don’t believe the trailers got me that excited either. I debated on seeing an early release as well. I couldn’t wrap my head around how Disney will turn candle sticks, clocks, tea pots, cups and plates into believable characters. I’m not even sure where this disbelief came from! I loved Jungle Book and that entire film was almost all computer generated images. All that being said, I still marched myself into an early IMAX screening. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Beauty and the Beast” in this review…


This movie did not win me over immediately. In fact, I’m still not entirely sure it has won me over. I enjoyed the characters, both real and animated. I was pleasantly surprised by the talent Disney used for the voices. Also, Kevin Kline is a treasure and if he’s in a film I’m definitely more interested because of his simply being involved. The movie takes chances that work out well. The new songs written just for this film didn’t feel out of place and slipped comfortably into the story. Additionally, the added plot details that dig into Belle’s past and why her father and her live alone in this small town felt natural. It worked.


I had no real expectation that needed to be met for this film as a whole. I did, however, have an expectation for a single song, that if not met, would have ruined the film entirely for me. I waited and I watched for what I feel is the pivotal song of the musical… Be Our Guest. I knew if this didn’t work for me the film wouldn’t work for me. By the end of that song I was completely on board for the rest of the movie. In fact, after the film I used iTunes to enjoy that song on repeat for the drive home. What a marvelous job was done on this song. The levity, the joy, the enthusiasm, the excitement were all marvelously done for this version of the musical.

Beauty and the Beast” is in theaters now! I will recommend you get out and see this film on the big screen if you appreciate musicals and/or Disney. This version stays true to the original animated film with some new clever songs and plot details. If you have a girlfriend, daughter or wife this would be a great film to treat them to. Every guy who was in my showing had a wife, daughter or girlfriend with him. And while the ladies all sang along with the tunes and clapped periodically throughout the film, myself and the other gentlemen in the theater continued to enjoy our popcorn and soda’s, or iced tea in my particular case. I saw this on IMAX and it was worth it but you can still appreciate every bit of this movie on a regular screen at your preferred theater. Go check it out.


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