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Kong: Skull Island – Review

The monster movie genre hasn’t been blowing my mind box recently. I did have some reservations walking into the theater to see this movie. The trailers gave me enough hope to believe that what I would watch on the big screen would be somewhat entertaining and the cast of the film is incredibly talented. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Kong: Skull Island” in this box office review…


To begin, I enjoyed this film exactly to my expectation. I walked into the theater with a desire to see an action packed, monster filled, adventure. I received precisely that. The story does attempt to be more than just a film by diving into the aspects of war, sacrifice, family and community. However, at its core this is a story about Kong, the protector of the Island. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were taken to the island for monster battles. The story wasted no time in getting the team together and getting everyone across the ocean and onto this curious tropical paradise of terror. This was a great change from the most recent King Kong film. That film took forever for them to get to the island. Thankfully, this one did not.

The characters in this story are all uniquely gifted to handle particular situations. Much like any military special forces movie you have certain people on the team that excel in something the other does not. So in that, I enjoyed the diversity of the cast and how well they all fit the plot. I won’t be celebrating any single character in this film more than the next because I felt they all did well enough to keep the film entertaining, in their own way.


The monsters were great on the big screen. It’s not just a story about Kong and the weird lizards from the trailer. We get to explore a world of monsters on this island and if you stay past the credits you find out that our world is getting a little bit larger too. This movie was akin to Jurrassic Park in that the entire island is filled with creatures, much like Jurassic Park is filled with dinosaurs. From tree trunks that aren’t actually tree trunks, to bamboo spiders and curious birds that look like dinosaurs, we get to see plenty of the bizarre. I loved that aspect more than I enjoyed any single character in this film.


Kong: Skull Island” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend you get out to the theater and experience this film on the big screen. It’s a special effects driven movie and it looks incredible on the big screen. You won’t be disappointed if you set your expectations appropriately. This is a fun time at the movies and it’s great for popcorn munching and soda drinking. This almost felt like an early summer blockbuster with a few clever lines of dialogue that will produce some laughs and levity.


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