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The Belko Experiment – Review

Periodically, a film arrives in theaters that I know absolutely nothing about. I walk up to the kiosk, glance over the familiar titles and select which cinematic adventure I’ll be experiencing. This is that rare case where I walked into the theater knowing only who wrote it and the basic premise. So let’s dive in and take a look at “The Belko Experiment” in this box office review…


The plot is kill or be killed. A group of 80 corporate employees in Bogota Columbia are trapped inside their building and told that in order to survive they must murder one another by any means possible. When the group is first instructed they are reluctant to take a life of a colleague. However, it’s quickly discovered that the tracking chips they have implanted in their heads (in the event they’re kidnapped in Columbia which is common practice in this film) is actually a bomb. Because they refuse to kill one another, some of their heads start exploding, their mindset changes and the movie is off and running.


I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this film. I walked in with zero expectations because I didn’t know anything about the movie except people go crazy and kill each other. I was not disappointed in the amount of murder. This film begins with 80 people and ends with 1. Some of the murder scenes were gratuitous but on the whole the death scenes were typical action movie quality. The characters each had a specific purpose in the film and it’s safe to say that your favorite character most likely will not survive. Don’t get attached because it’s a nonstop thrill ride of bloody death.


The writing in the film was the highlight for me as I watched from start to finish. It was a great balance of humor, perspective, fear and sadness. There was also great determination by several characters and their dialogue was written wonderfully to convey that survival instinct. The comedic moments were also timed perfectly and felt natural. Imagining you’re in this particular world with this collective of personalities, each line of dialogue that was humorous provided a bit of necessary levity, I was shocked, disgusted and the laughing. It was well written and because of that I believe this film will become a cult classic.

The Belko Experiment” is in theaters now. I recommend everyone see this film who enjoys psychological, murderous, thrill rides with laughter. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this movie. My only concern is that it could, I’m not saying it will, but, it could turn into a franchise akin to “Saw” or “Resident Evil.” Just cheaply made, garbage films that keep trying to capitalize on the greatness that was the original. I found this movie to be a quiet gem and it could end up being my favorite sleeper film of 2017. There was no marketing for this. I never saw a single trailer. It quietly snuck into theaters and then it impressed me enough to recommend you see it too. Go now!


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