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Ghost In the Shell – Review

Computers and Humanity meet in this science fiction action flick. Robots are becoming more human and humans are enhancing themselves with robotics. So much so, that if you are a human without an enhancement people look at you curiously. So what happens when an experiment starts to go wrong and people start dying? Let’s take a look at “Ghost in the Shell” in this review…


There’s an entire group of people who love the source material this film originates from. I am not one of those people. I don’t dislike the source material either. I am, in fact, completely unaware of the source material. I knew nothing about this film going in except that the main character can jump off buildings while turning invisible and shooting guns. All I knew was because of the trailers. Perhaps that lack of backstory helped elevate my enjoyment of this film. I found the premise of the movie to be well constructed. The delivery of the action I thought was equally enjoyable. The movie from beginning to end looks incredible. That was the one main constant throughout the film. It looks spectacular. The graphics team that worked on this movie did a phenomenal job and the look of everything made this entire film uniquely special.


The overall tones that make up the visuals are dark. The story takes place in dangerous parts of town with nefarious characters who are always up to no good. However, in contrast to that, the city is vibrant and alive with neon as the future setting is bright and holographic. The main character “Major” played by Scarlett Johansson is in stark contrast to the world she inhabits. She is a bright white incandescent glow in an otherwise dreary looking city. The rest of the characters in this film are draped in blacks, browns and grays. She stands out in every sense. While the world around her is bleak and brooding her design is the complete opposite. She is (both as a character and an idea) meant to stand out in this movie and so she does.


The story is just as enjoyable as the look of the film. I found the covert operations team, and the manner in which they cooperated together to solve crimes, well designed. The writing develops them enough without each character back story overshadowing the main characters and the plot. We get enough to build out the world we’re inhabiting in this movie but not so much it’s distracting. I honestly do not understand all the negative press this film is getting. I found it to be quite entertaining and enjoyable.


Ghost In the Shell” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend you see this movie on the big screen if you like science fiction action flicks with plenty of special effects/computer generated images. It looks great in theaters and some of the fight scenes are more entertaining than I expected. I walked out of the theater glad I spent the time experiencing this new world and the characters in it. It looks great and the story is developed enough to be worthwhile. Check it out!

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