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Power Rangers – Review

“Breakfast Club” meets “Pacific Rim” is not the story I was expecting when I walked into the theater. Movies always share ideas and concepts, sure. However, combining two different genre’s of film such as these to create a movie based off a television show from the 1990’s was surprising. Does it work? Is the combination of ideas believable? Let’s take a look at “Power Rangers” in this review….


The film does a good job explaining the world this story takes place in. We get plenty of information about the mythos, the individual characters and the threat that is imminent. However, I felt like i was watching two different films that eventually meet in the third act to become one. We have one movie that involves the troubled teenagers becoming the Power Rangers. We have the second story which is everything Elizabeth Banks is in. These two stories don’t feel the same, look the same and the characters almost appear to be directed to act differently. The teenagers are all, for the most part, believable in their characters. Banks, however, is creepy and campy. Her villainy felt displaced in this film. I feel she would’ve been better served as the bad guy in the old TV show. I’m not sure why she was allowed to act so over-the-top in comparison to her counterparts. It was distracting and it legitimately felt like I was watching two different movies at the same time.


The overall movie I enjoyed. I found it to be a fun action flick with some well placed humor. Plus, we get at least one great character in “Billy” played by RJ Cyler. He’s the heart and soul of the film without question. There’s even scripted dialogue stating that just in case you don’t pick up on it yourself. This is a great appetizer for the summer blockbuster buffet that awaits us. The humor isn’t all in the trailers and neither is the action. There’s a Saturday morning cartoon moment that is strictly for the fans. When it occurs in the third act it feels out of place and it took me out of the film. I did smile though because I knew where it was coming from and that it was strictly fan service. The entire film told me that this was a movie meant for old fans and new fans. Basically, this has something for everyone if you enjoy action movies that deal with superheroes and giant robots that fight monsters.


Power Rangers” is in theaters now! I recommend people go out and see this on the big screen. It’s not a great film but it’s also not terrible. Again, it is a fun action flick that deals with giant robots fighting monsters that some enjoyable comedic moments.. Who doesn’t love that?? I wouldn’t recommend children under the age of 12 see this because, again, Elizabeth Banks plays a very creepy character that could definitely scare some kids. All in all, fun flick with some good action and humor. Check it out!


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