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Fate of the Furious – #review

The eighth film in a franchise about heists, over the top action sequences, cars and family. The roster of talent continues to grow in this series and we, as movie goers, get the benefits of A-list talent appearing in these movies. Does this recent installment in the Fast franchise live up to expectations or does it stall out right after the movie begins? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Fate of the Furious” in this box office review…


I walked into the movie theater with a single expectation. I wanted an insane, over-the-top, wild and ridiculous on screen adventure. The trailers gave me this expectation. When I saw dozens upon dozens of cars driving themselves out of buildings and 2nd story windows, the Rock skiing on ice while driving a car and throwing a torpedo, I knew this would be pure ridiculousness and I couldn’t wait. I’m happy to report that the film lived up to my expectation. This movie had so many unbelievable action sequences and stunts that I was wearing the dumbest smile from start to finish. This was so unbelievable it was remarkable and I enjoyed every minute.


The overall story is a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) manages to get the family first, family man, Dom (Vin Diesel) to turn his back on his family to help her. The writers did a decent enough job asking and answering the questions I had about the overall plot. Why would he turn his back on family? Why is he helping this incredibly beautiful woman who seems hell bent on destroying things? Why does she need Dom’s help? All of these and more were asked and answered by characters in the film. The story had a few surprises as well. Let’s take a moment to give credit where credit is due. The big reveals in this film were well done and well placed. The film didn’t start with big surprises. The twists, if you will, were gradual and placed appropriately in the movie. Overall, job well done on the story.


The action sequences and stunts were eye candy. The fight scene in the prison was absurd and wonderful all at the same time. The fight scene on the airplane with the baby was unbelievable, adorable and exciting. I personally believe these films need to deliver on the action and cars in order to be successful. This film did not disappoint. Even the two “Nobodies” in the film were campy and fun. The dialogue was comedic at times as well. Overall, this film was just a fun action/heist flick. The complaints or critiques I could have don’t feel appropriate because of where my expectation was walking into the theater.


Fate of the Furious” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend you see this movie on the big screen if you enjoy action movies. There was a slogan back in the 1990’s on cable television every weekend, “movies for guys who like movies!” The message being conveyed was that you’re about to watch a movie that has minimal plot and lots of action. This slogan was of course implying that men are mostly brain dead neanderthals who can’t appreciate a complex plot but I digress. When I walked out of the theater my first thought was, “This was definitely a movie for guys who like movies but a little bit better.” The story is more developed than I expected. The action was exactly what I wanted. The cars and the tank all look great on the big screen. Definitely worth your hard earned dollars. Go see this film!


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