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The House #review

I can see a cast listing and know immediately if I’ll have any interest in seeing a film or not. Certain actors I prefer over others for particular movies and I think everyone has that. You’ll see a comedian you love in a movie and you get excited. Perhaps it’s your favorite action star in a new summer blockbuster and now you’re cancelling plans and calling the babysitter for opening night. Certain films you can’t wait to see. Unfortunately, this was not one of those films for me but I do enjoy the actors in this particular movie. So, did “The House” hit a jackpot or go bust? Let’s dive in a take a look in this box office review…


I need Will Ferrell to start making great comedies again. He has had a string of lackluster films in my opinion and this is the latest addition. This movie almost felt like they took the best part of the actors personalities and said, “we’re just gonna run with this.” At times, it didn’t even feel like the same film. (i.e. Jason Mantzoukas was in his own movie even while sharing screen time with the other actors.) To be fair, some of my issue could be that Jason’s played to perfection an entirely insane character named “Rafi” on the TV show “The League” for a few years. I enjoy that character so much because he’s so over the top that anything goes which is occasionally fun to see. He didn’t break from that character at all for this film. It was like Rafi on Adderall, but only sometimes. The same issue goes for the other two actors from “The League,” Nick Kroll and Rob Huebel. It felt like “The League” meets Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler.


The plot of the film is that two parents have to get enough money together to send their daughter to college and decide to open up a casino, in a foreclosed house, with their friend who is going through a divorce. The plot is zany enough to provide a few laughs. The characters also provide plenty of laughs despite the previously mentioned issues in the above paragraph. I didn’t have high expectations for this film. In fact, I almost didn’t see it at all. However, I did have a free ticket to see it and so I ventured into the theater. Surprisingly, I laughed more than I thought I would and there’s one or two cameo’s in this film that were enjoyable. My favorite cameo was stand up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. I’ve seen him live and I enjoy his Netflix specials. When he popped up on screen, performing a stand up routine in a basement that was made to look like an comedy club, I smiled and laughed. There’s so much nonsense in this film it will provide some chuckles.


“The House” is in theaters now. Skip this movie if you’re looking for films to see this weekend. This is a perfect VOD or Redbox movie for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon on the couch. It doesn’t require any brain power and it will make you laugh. It’s a nonsensical comedy that goes further and further into absurdity with humorous moments and some eye roll, groan in disbelief, moments. Again, my expectations were pretty low and I still walked out of the theater surprised at how much I laughed but that alone is not enough to spend your hard earned money. Save your bucks for “Baby Driver” or “Spiderman Homecoming.”


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