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[Spoiler] Spider-Man Homecoming #review

The official announcement that Sony and Marvel Studio’s would be working together to bring us a new “Spider-Man” movie was definitely something to be excited about. The casting, the story connecting to the already existing cinematic universe and the reliability of Marvel Studio’s to deliver entertaining films all plussed my excitement. So did the friendly neighborhood wall crawler swing into theaters like a boss or did the rain of a bad film wash the spider out? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Spider-Man Homecoming” in this review…


I wasn’t familiar with the lead actor Tom Holland outside of what he did as Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War.” I enjoyed his performance and portrayal there so I was confident his performance would not suffer in his first solo film. It did not. This is the third version of (arguably) Marvel’s most famous hero. I was happy with the heart of the character as both a high school kid trying to balance his life and the masked hero who wants to stop criminals, not kill them. However, like the versions of Spidey before this, there lacked one element. In this film, it was the infamous smart remarks. While he did have some great one liners I wanted more. I enjoyed this rendition more than Tobey Maguires but Andrew Garfield still has the best comedic one liners as Spider-Man, in my opinion. If the “Amazing Spider-Man” did anything right, it was the sarcastic insults that Spider-Man is famous for.


The story is timed before, as well as, after the events in “Civil War.” The basic premise is that a new government agency “Damage Control” has been created to clean up the fall out from superhero conflicts around the United States, potentially the world. The team who was contracted by the city to clean up the wreckage from the first Avengers film loses their contract and the team goes rogue, creating the villainous Vulture (played by Michael Keaton) as their leader. While Keaton’s team continues to find and steal alien tech to sell on the black market they run into trouble with Spider-Man who is determined to show Tony Stark that he’s the man for this type of heroic job. That’s the basic plot. To my surprise, the main villain is the most nuanced antagonist since Loki. Keaton plays an incredibly layered bad guy who is more than just a black market super arms dealer. He’s a family man and blue collar worker who sees the hand he’s dealt and attempts to make the best of it, in his mind. He’s easily the second best villain in the MCU and I’m happy to report, they don’t kill him off, even though death is part of this story. The after credits sequence continues to build on his complexity when approached by “The Scorpion” to escape prison and exact revenge of Spidey. Easily my favorite character in the movie, Michael Keaton is phenomenal as “Adrian Toomes” AKA the Vulture.


There was also plenty of laughter in this film as we see the struggle that Peter has at High School with a very modern form of bully in Flash Thompson, his debate team, Spanish quizzes and his lovable friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon. The chemistry between Peter and Ned was great. I believed these two were best friends and the natural excitement Ned had upon discovering his best friend is an Avenger was priceless. I hope Ned returns for future films because he was a surprising delight in this film and added real value to the story. It’s possible he could’ve been played off as just a friend who is the comic relief but he has a prevalent role in this movie as “the man in the chair” as he describes himself. The silent helper who sits in a chair in front of computers helping the hero try and save the day. He was a wonderful addition to this cinematic universe and his hat is pretty cool too.


Spider-Man Homecoming” is in theaters now! If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe you won’t want to miss this. If you’re a fan of Spider-Man films, you won’t want to miss this. If you could careless about movies that deal with superhero’s, skip it. I enjoyed this film and I encourage people to get out to the theater to see this film about a hero who has heart and is surrounded by people of similar design. At its core, this is a movie about a hero with heart who is trying to find his way in this crazy new world. This movie explores what it’s like to grow up and stand on your own two feet while also trying to not lose yourself in the process. There’s some great scenes in this film that are stolen from the pages of the comics the character originated from and as a fan I was happy with this movie.


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