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Atomic Blonde [spoiler free] #review

The trailers and promotional posters all had me excited to see this film in theaters since day 1. I am a fan of spy movies and period pieces usually intrigue me. The story is simple enough to follow as well being that it’s about an undercover MI6 agent tasked with recovering a missing list of double agents in Berlin during the Cold War. So does this retro espionage tale deliver an adventure that’s sure to bring the wall down or should it be taken out back behind the dumpster? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review…


David Leitch directed this film and the only other directing credit on his IMDB was uncredited for “John Wick”. So we can safely say that this is his first official major motion picture directing job. I was impressed but not wow’d by his directing of this film. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie actually. It did feel similar to “John Wick” with the gun play and fight scenes which make sense after learning he worked on that film. However, I felt like the story itself could’ve been built out a bit more. I appreciated the characters and how he got each of them to be something different. So, each scene, if three people are in the shot, it feels like 3 people and not like someone is there unnecessarily. I thought he gave us entertaining performances across the board.


The acting talent in this movie is also strong. John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Til Schweiger, James McCoy, Sofia Boutella and Charlize Theron. There’s so much quality in this list that it is almost unfair. This cast was great. Even the smaller parts, for example, the cop that beats up the guy with a skateboard, he was believable! Everyone showed up for this film and performed well their parts. I don’t recall any one particular character who I thought was unbelievable or miscast. In general, I appreciated each of them. And as always, John Goodman. He’s always great. He has a couple really nice moments in this film with Charlize and Toby that I think you’ll enjoy.


The action sequences in this film also look great. The film in general looks great. This is the most stylized action/spy film I think I’ve ever seen. Everything about this movie is style. The outfits, the dressing up of locations to look like something right from an 1980’s music video about Berlin, the color palette used for particular scenes. In the trailer we see that shot of Charlize coming out of a bathtub full of ice. That entire scene is that blue/chrome and it look incredible on the big screen. This film felt like an art student fell in love with the style of the 1980’s and also had a fondness for violent espionage movies. While I was watching this I could tell a lot of attention went into the design of things. Again, costume, how a scene is colored, the locations, etc. This is an exciting and well dressed movie. Even the descriptions for what city the scenes are in was done creatively. So good!


Atomic Blonde” is in theaters now. I really enjoyed this film. I know there are some negative bits out there about the story being weak and predictable but I didn’t go into the movie for an epic story. I wanted a rock and roll action flick and what I got was that and little bit more. I definitely recommend you see this film on the big screen. If you like spy movies, the 1980’s, action and two beautiful women making love to each other, this is your type of movie. Plus, again, the style of this film is incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing this at least once more in theaters because it’s an entertaining time at the movies. Definitely check out this film out!


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