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Logan Lucky #review

One brother has a limp, the other has only one arm and together their plan is to rob Nascar, during a Nascar race. I have been eagerly awaiting this film since I saw the first trailer. This had promise to deliver a fun and stylish heist movie. So, did “Logan Lucky” steal a spot in my top favorite films of the summer or does it get locked up with every other film that was just ok. Let’s dive in and take a look in this review…


Steven Soderbergh directed this film and he has a certain flair for heist films. It was also nice to hear the soundtrack/score of the film as well. He has delivered, time and time again, fun stories that also sound great. You could pull up the “Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13” score on iTunes, press play and your day would be set. You might also get a speeding ticket so perhaps just listen to it while at work or milling about your home. I was happy with how well this film delivered characters that were each their own person, who contributed to the plot and the overall story. I also appreciated how well edited this film was. Soderbergh has a certain style that uses frequent scene cuts to help drive the momentum of the story. This was no exception. It looked great and the story flowed from beginning to end. The run time is just shy of 2 hours and in all honesty it didn’t feel that long at all. The beginning does feel a bit slow paced, however, once we know the players in the game, we’re off and running.


It’s interesting how many of the characters spoke with an accent. Non-Southerners sounding Southern, An American sounding English, An Englishman sounding slightly nasally and using a higher pitched American accent. There are so many accents in this film it helped make it feel a bit light hearted, curiously. It almost felt like the story was inspired by a Jeff Foxworthy stand up comedy routine and tailored by Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s. The movie is that Southern. Additionally, it’s delivered in a playful, charming manner, that isn’t offensive. It never felt like this is mocking people from the south but instead embracing the lifestyle we’ve come to anticipate.


I can’t really say any particular actor impressed me and I can’t say I was disappointed either. In all honesty, it felt like everyone cast was done so to play a caricature more than an actual person. By the end of the film I wondered if they were directed to act like an idea of a person from that area more than any particular individual of notoriety.


The plot twist in the end wasn’t a surprise for me because, as Soderbergh’s stories go, we don’t get to see everything until the end. That’s what makes this a fun time at the movies. Soderbergh’s heists usually explain away all the secrets in the very last minutes and that continues here. I will say the ending could’ve moved a bit quicker. Once the cops show up it slows down. I can almost see the movie being more enjoyable if they cut that whole segment out. The cops really don’t do anything for the plot since the finale is approaching. Now, if there’s a sequel planned for this film that the cop segment must be in the film. The ending of this particular movie gives us potential for a sequel based on the fact the main characters think they’ve gotten away with everything but one cop remains. So, if no sequel is planned I don’t understand the added time for the cops when I didn’t really see them serving a purpose to the plot.


Logan Lucky” is in theaters now! I will recommend you see this in the theaters. It’s a fun heist film and it could make for a great date movie if you’re so inclined. This is by no means a cinematic treasure but it is enjoyable and will keep your attention from start to finish. If you set your exceptions at “Fun” I believe you will not be disappointed. Check it out!


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