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The Hitman’s Bodyguard #review

The idea of an action comedy is appealing. Now, add two dynamic onscreen personalities and a whole lot of ammunition and you’re promising something very special. To go one step further, add a few different locations to make this a road trip movie. What is going on?! Let’s find out more about “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” in this review…


I was not prepared for this film at all. I walked into the theater expecting a “buddy cop” movie and got something much better. The realization of the film didn’t hit me right away. In fact, I didn’t know this was a stylized celebration of action films with comedy in it. This movie celebrates hyper violence that is so over-the-top and ridiculous it’s brilliant. There’s car chases, boat chases, motorcycle chases, people chasing each other on foot, cars exploding, rocket launchers, electrocution, helicopters crashing, massive explosions with people just walking away, fights in a hardware store, punches, kicks, a guy running around on fire and more. It’s chaotic insanity from beginning to end. Literally, beginning to end. If this movie ever let up on the action I might not have enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s because they kept going one step further and then further again that made me love my time in the theater.


The soundtrack/score for this film is equally as enjoyable as the movie itself. There’s a funk band playing along to the scenes giving this film a feeling akin to 1970’s American cops tv shows (i.e. CHiPs). The musical selections were comedically placed to continue the absurdity that is present the whole way through. I can’t speak enough about how well done this movie was because it’s so ridiculous it’s amazing.


Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson literally look like they’re having the time of their lives in this too. I don’t even know if they were acting or just reacting to each other naturally. The chemistry was great. Now add Salma Hayek (who is just as insane as Jackson’s character) and the ride we’re on is delightful madness. I am gonna say this movie holds the record for the most uses of the word “fuck” and “mother fucker.” They’re dropped so nonchalantly that it is almost inspiring. I couldn’t believe what I was watching on screen and I couldn’t be happier about it.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard” is in theaters now! If you love rude, sarcastic, action, road trip, buddy cop shows this movie is for you. I can’t wait to see it a second time. It’s over-the-top and unrelenting and because of that I walked out of the theater with a big dumb smile on my face. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the nonsense that was so well done. It’s not an oscar contender. It’s not really that great of a movie. It’s just so much fun you don’t care, at least I didn’t. I don’t expect this movie will deliver stellar numbers at the box office but I anticipate big returns once it hits BLU-Ray/DVD sales. This was a blast. Check it out!


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