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“Victoria and Abdul” movie #review

The Queen of England appears to be nearing the end of her life when she’s presented with a ceremonial coin by a young man who sparks new life into her. The two develop a friendship that is unsettling to most of the staff, and her son, who accompany her in day to day routines and travels. So, does “Victoria and Abdul” show us that unlikely friendships can have a lasting positive impact or does tradition win the day? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review…


What appeared to be a dramatic look at life during the Victorian period was actually a comedic, touching and sometimes light hearted story about two very different people and how they developed a surprising friendship. The expectation for this film was centered around dramatic characters who told the story with passion and a sense of believability. This was exactly what I received from the actors and I also got a bit more from them as well. This film doesn’t just examine the unlikely friendship of Queen Victoria and Kareem Abdul (a clerk from India). It also looks at how exhausting, self serving, pedantic and judgmental people can be.


I was extremely happy with the level of talent this film had. The number of faces I recognized from other films that I enjoy certainly made this film more entertaining. To the credit of each actor, they all brought a special unique quality to this film as well, which rounded out the story and made it even more enjoyable. It was one entertaining performance after another and the writing and directing found a way to provide enough time for each voice to stand out and help drive the story both comedically and dramatically.


Victoria and Abdul” is in theaters now! I will actually recommend you take some time to see this in theaters if you enjoy dramatic comedies based on real life events. I had a surprisingly good time in the theater because of how well written the piece was, the acting talent and how well placed the comedic moments were. It’s a serious story with intense real life characters but told somewhat light hearted and humorously told. I walked out of the theater smiling as I recalled the film and because of that I’d encourage you to spend some time and money at the theaters. Check this film out!


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