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“The Foreigner” movie #review

The trailer painted a picture of suffering, hurt, loss and revenge. We see a man hit rock bottom and then strike back at those who have the information about who killed his child. The visuals are dark and brooding. So, did the trailer provide an accurate look at the story of “The Foreigner” or is this just another action flick gone awry. Let’s take a look in this review.


Overall, the story was not what the trailer presented. Most online film pundits (myself included) were tweeting about how, simply based on the trailer, this film appeared to carry similar qualities to the “Taken” franchise. While that is partially accurate, this film examines the political workings of an organization that was responsible for the murder of many people, the IRA. In this story, we get more background, more character involvement and more dialogue from the government officials now holding office (formerly IRA) and the local authorities who monitor the acts of terrorism the film begins with. The overall plot, I felt, was not about revenge but a look at the continuous struggle of the Irish and the English.


The main story revolved around Pierce Brosnan’s character, his cohorts and how peace is better than war even though there is a war still brewing with new young terrorists. Then, laid on top of that story, we get Jackie Chan’s story. The structure felt similar to “Captain America: Civil War” because the Black Panther had a subplot that moved that entire film along, similar to Chan in this particular film. He’s a lead but his story sits atop the political/gangster story of Brosnan and company. We get a very detailed look at the Irish organized crime families and their higherarchy of power. We also get a glimpse into Chan’s background and what makes him so dangerous. It wasn’t evenly balanced and because of that I feel the trailer is misleading.


The Foreigner” is in theaters now! While the trailer is not an accurate indicator for the story of this film it is still a very entertaining and worthwhile movie. The strategy game played between Brosnan and his fellow gangsters was entertaining and it kept me thinking about how each character was impacting the overall plot of the film. Jackie Chan is great in this role. He’s playing much darker character than I’m accustomed to and his portrayal of a father who is on the hunt for revenge is dark and determined. There were one or two points in the story where the momentum dragged but overall I was impressed with the movie. I definitely recommend you go out and see “The Foreigner” at your preferred local theater! Check this movie out!


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