Film Reviews (written)

Here’s my #review of “Geostorm” the movie, in theaters now.

Storms have ravaged country after country to the point that humanities very existence was at stake. The nations of the world come together to build a series of satellites to control Mother Nature and extend our time on planet Earth. So, does “Geostorm” live up to the wild weather in the trailers or is this story a wash? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review.


The trailers did paint an accurate portrayal of this film. What we saw was exactly what we got, plus a tiny bit more. The story is predictable and the dialogue feels like what we’d find in a made for TV movie. Also, the acting was decent and thankfully I did not suffer a single eye roll once in the theater. The movie met the expectation I had for it as I sat in my seat taking in all the special effect goodness this film had to offer.


The one area that was a bit goofy was the main villain. In the trailer, we are told that someone is using the satellite to create storms that are destroying cities around the world. This is true. However, the reveal of the villain felt like the ending of a “Scooby Doo” cartoon. I was waiting for Ed Harris to say, “…and I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling brothers!” When the President and team catch Harris’s character we also get the infamous villain speech where he justifies his villainous actions which did make me laugh out loud in the theater. It wasn’t a humorous moment, per se, but I found that trope comical in this setting and it did get a chuckle.


Overall, the movie delivered on exactly what I had hoped. It was a decently written, goofy, “who dun-it”, special effects adventure. This film won’t be winning any awards and I don’t believe it was intended to. I think everyone who made this film knew exactly what they were making and had a good time doing it.


Geostorm” is in theaters now! If you want to enjoy a movie that won’t make you think but will give you lots of crazy weather special effects, I recommend a big screen viewing (before noon). Pay the matinee ticket price and save yourself some cash. This was a fun time at the movies and it didn’t require a lot from the audience. I won’t recommend you pay full price. If you and your significant other, or your bff’s, want to enjoy some coffee and cinema this will get the job done and will give you something to talk and laugh about afterwards. Check it out!


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