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“A Bad Mom’s Christmas” #moviereview

It’s been one year since we last spent time with three mothers who are trying to balance their schedule, their kids schedule and everything else involved in being a modern day mom. The Christmas season is in full swing for these ladies (and their families) when one surprise after another occurs ushering in new challenges and obstacles leading up to Christmas. So, does “A Bad Mom’s Christmas” deliver on the merriment and ho ho ho’ing we’d expect as a sequel or is this film getting coals in its stocking? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review.


This story over delivers on Christmas. In fact, there’s so much Christmas in this movie I’m surprised it was released as early as it was. This film might have enjoyed more positive feedback had they released it after Thanksgiving or the first weekend in December when there won’t be much competition (if any) for new movies. However, a more appropriate release date won’t do much for a drab, predictable and overly decedent film about Christmas gone off the rails. The biggest issue I had were the moments where the ladies are unhinged. The entire scene at the Mall where they’re getting drunk and partying felt so out of place in this movie. However, the bar scene where they’re watching male strippers dressed as Santa compete in a “dance off” felt appropriate for the characters. So, the wild and zany moments the girls have to relieve the stress of being a modern mom did and did not work. In short, the writing wasn’t great for this film. It’s unbalanced and predictable. I knew when a joke was being set up and what the punch line would be. I did enjoy a few laughs but the majority of this film left me with eye fatigue from one eye roll after another.


The characters also felt more like caricatures. The leading ladies all represent a personality type and their mothers over exaggerate those personalities. If Amy, Kiki and Carla are the personification of stereotypes of modern moms, then Ruth, Isis and Sandy are the hyper exaggerated versions of their daughters. In all, the screen time is split between characters that felt authentic and cartoonish versions of the idea of what personality types might behave like. This was a mixed bag of enjoyable on screen interactions and noticeably terrible on screen chemistry.


A Bad Mom’s Christmas” is in theaters now. If you’re a drinker, female and need a girls night out this might be the film for you. Perhaps you hop into the group chat you have with your girlfriends and suggest dinner, drinks, this movie and then more drinks. It’s not a completely abysmal film because it did elicit some sniffles and tears from the girls that sat around me. Some of the points and themes of motherhood struck home with the ladies in the movie and for that I won’t completely disregard this film. It knew its demographic and was able to land a few key moments that paid off emotionally for the females around me. When I saw “Bad Mom’s” I was the only single guy in my showing. “A Bad Mom’s Christmas” I was the only dude in the theater. Gentlemen, you have been warned about this film. Enjoy the movie, ladies!


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