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“Daddy’s Home 2” #moviereview

The boys are back in town and they are full of holiday cheer. Christmas is fast approaching and the dads, step dads and grandads are all coming together to make this Christmas one to be remembered. So, does “Daddy’s Home 2” deliver a festive and humorous Christmas tale or is this film being put on the naughty list? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review.


It’s been two years since “Daddy’s Home” and while the story leads us to believe there’s been some improvements or changes to the relationships between dad/step dad, it didn’t come across on screen. Dusty came across as someone who needs anger management because he seemed to be repressing anger instead of dealing with the issues. Brad felt more confident but only until an actual issue arises in which case he reverts back to who he was in the first film. So, in all, the two leads didn’t do much to show that any time had passed between stories. However, for the majority of the film they did get along better than the original.


The introduction of new characters wasn’t great either but I believe the writers weren’t focusing on the introduction of the grand fathers as much as they were trusting that we’d get to know their personalities as the movie unfolds. On a positive note, the onscreen chemistry between Mel Gibson and John Lithgow was a delight. In fact, as I watched the story I wanted to see a spin off film of just those two. They are polar opposites in personality type and it worked when they were on screen together. We also get to see that by the end of the film, a spin off story might be possible. I’d even be fine with a short feature of 30 minutes or less before “Daddy’s Home 3” if that gets made.


Daddy’s Home 2” is in theaters now! This film has so much Christmas in it that if you want a comedic look at dude parenting in the modern world this might be a fun holiday movie to see in a room full of strangers. There’s plenty of Christmas movie tropes as well. Walking through forests for the perfect tree, Christmas light decorating gone wrong, and even a Christmas musical number at the end that talks about the meaning of… going to the movies at Christmas? Yup. That happens. A short Public Service Announcement about the importance of movie watching at Christmas. That aside, I had more than enough laughs and I was reminded of the importance of not allowing just anyone to adjust the thermostat. Check it out!


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