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“All the Money In the World” #moviereview

The film was almost completed. The release date was approaching. Then, one of the main characters was cut from the film and recast in an unprecedented fashion! All of that characters scenes were reshot and the film was still released on time. So, was “All the Money In the World” able to deliver an engaging and captivating story or does this film better serve assisting those who need a natural sleep aide? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review.


First, director Ridley Scott did a fantastic job getting all the emotions from his actors. He didn’t just pull the best of a character from the main characters, but even the side characters who may have only been in a single scene. For example, there’s a scene where a teenage John Paul (Charlie Plummer) is eating at a police officers home and the wife of the Italian cop is delivering a powerful performance (in almost complete silence) letting us know that all is not as well as young John Paul seems to believe. It’s moments like this that are strewn throughout this movie that really elevate the acting in this film from adequate to incredible.


The only real issue I had with this film is the pacing. There were some moments that really move and then other moments that linger and crawl by. It’s because of this, the film feels much longer than it is. Towards the end of the film I was beginning to wonder how much longer the film was going to be and, to my surprise, when I saw the run time was just over 2 hours I was shocked. It felt like I was in the theater for almost 3 hours. So, had the pacing and tempo of the film been more consistent I think I would’ve enjoyed the overall film more.


The story is written well. We get a sense of the Getty family, everyone’s role in the family, and the patriarchs grand view of where he see’s his family going. He wants the Getty name to become an American dynasty and he takes good care to ensure that they will. And while he, J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), seems to be cold and calculated we get a strong sense that he is not merely this way but heavily invested in those who share his name and are of his bloodline, more than he lets on.


All the Money In the World” is playing at your local theater now! I’m not gonna recommend a big screen viewing for this film. While I do encourage everyone to see this film once it’s available for streaming or rental, you won’t lose anything by seeing this in the comfort of your home. It’s a well acted film that drags on at times but overall delivers on a complex story about family and what it means to have all the money in the world. Check it out!


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