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2018 In Film: My Best, Worst & More

Hello fellow movie lovers!

2018 is almost over and what better time to recap an incredible year of film than right before New Years Eve. This year brought so many different genres to life on the big screen for us to enjoy. Some films were dramatic explorations of the human condition while others were action packed, explosion fueled, madness.  Then we’d have the documentaries exploring real life events or people while just across the hall of the theater animated films were pushing the boundaries of animation and story-telling. If that wasn’t enough, we could also take time to enjoy the modern musicals that gave us brand new songs to enjoy on our daily commutes. And while I’m not a particular frequenter of this genre, we can’t forget the movies that aim to shock and scare us with menacing horrors and seemingly unbeatable villains. There were robots, monsters, romance, magic, singing, dancing, vigilantes, buildings catching fire, asians falling in love, grown men chasing each other around the country playing tag, Yeti’s rapping, nutcrackers coming to life, puppets killing each other, vampires on a cruise, Neanderthal’s playing soccer, a virtual reality treasure hunt, a boy trying to find his lost dog on an island of trash and so much more! So let’s recap the movies I thought were the best, the worst, the most surprising and most disappointing in 2018.

First, let’s take a look at my rating system. For the faithful watchers of Brunansky’s Vlog you know that I rate movies with high fives. If I think the movie delivered on everything it wanted to and more, it gets all the high fives. If it doesn’t, it gets zero high fives. However, even if it doesn’t, hope is not lost. It’s possible for a film to get a single high five or two high fives. So, the rating system is: Zero High Fives, One High Five, Two High Fives, All the High Fives. If you’re currently thinking that my process is very scientific you’re absolutely right. It’s incredibly scientific. First, we’ll take a look at those films that received zero high fives.

In 2018 I went to the theater and saw 91 films which I then reviewed on Brunansky’s Vlog on YouTube. Out of those 91 films, 16 received zero high fives. Does this mean that the 16 films which received zero high fives are unwatchable cinematic piles of flaming hot garbage? Not necessarily. Some of these films still had redeemable, watchable qualities. Some didn’t. Some did. I list the better qualities on YouTube. If you want the reasoning behind the zero high fives and any possible highlights you need only follow the links to hear my complete thoughts.

Zero High Fives in 2018 (In Alphabetical Order):

Now, we can venture into the movies that delivered on the story I believe they wanted to tell and more. These 8 films received All the High Fives this year.

All the High Fives in 2018 (In Alphabetical Order):

Next up, the films that really surprised me. The trailers led me to believe the movie would be good but I wasn’t prepared for the level of enjoyment I received watching them. If you haven’t seen these, I definitely recommend you watch my reviews first.

Most Surprisingly Enjoyable Films of 2018:

Moving right along, let’s take a look at the films that were the most disappointing. The cast, the directors, the producers, the writers, the trailers, all the info we get before these movies hit theaters led me to believe we were in for a quality time. I was duped. It was like finding out that a girl you might like just loves listening to Drake… there’s no way to salvage it. Let Down City, Population Us. Move along people, nothing to see here.

Most Disappointing Films of 2018:

And finally, we’ll take a look at the films that made a big impact on a small budget. That’s right, these films left a lasting impression with minimal money. These films had a budget of 5 million dollars or less.

Big Picture Small Budget Winners of 2018:

That wraps up some thoughts I had on films in 2018. There were so many great films released this year and I appreciate you discussing movies with me on YouTube. Using the categories above, throw your comments below and let me know what movies you’d throw in for each topic. We didn’t even cover the films I saw more than once in theaters! Let’s keep the movie convo going into the new year! Have a safe and happy new year, folks! Cheers.

“Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.”

– Steven Spielberg

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